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Welcome to the land of Gold and Glory!


Take a look to new film dokument "Goldrush to Finland"(made by NDR, Germany) from here. Our biggest nugget for last summer was founded when the camera was shooting the film..


My profession is quite unique in Europe and all over the world. Digging GOLD professionally in Europe is possible only in the mountain fells of Finnish Lapland. My digging pit in Pehkosenkuru is situated in the middle of roadless wilderness in the Lemmenjoki National Park.

I've spent most of my life, over 20 years, working as prospector. My ways of digging gold are nature preserving and ecological:

I work with pick, shovel and muscles. Take a look to the pictures on page: "Infokuvia", "Elämyskuvia" and "Uudet kuvat + linkit". Take also look to special pictures: Legendakuvia. There is some pictures of legendary happenings in the land of gold and glory!

Tiny works of art made by nature are found every day: Gold nuggets. And maybe one day the Big One will be found too!

Nuggets are on average 23 carat, so those are almost 100 % pure gold!

The gold nuggets from Lemmenjoki-area have attained their unique shape in geological formations during millions of years. There are no two nuggets of similar shape.

I DIG GOLD® -collection use the gold as it was found: EACH PIECE IS QUITE UNIQUE! Take a look to our jewellery and collection on page I DIG GOLD-tuotteita.

Prices are in euros. You can take contact and make a order by e-meil:


or call mobile phone: ++358 40 57 45 270

Please notice that  the mobile may be unreachable.

 If there is no connection, please leave a message.

Gold-prospector, Jukka Kela - I DIG GOLD !

Kultakuume?I DIG GOLDI DIG GOLD-TuotteitaPetronella OpistoOta yhteyttäUudet kuvat + linkit